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  • Modern Trade
  • Traditional Trade
  • Pharmacies

At Intertrade, we work in different channels across Egypt to provide various services to our clients who aim to maximize their presence in retail outlets –hypermarkets, supermarkets and groceries.

For over 10 years, we have been providing our clients with merchandising services through partnering with our subsidiary company PROMOTIONS (Request company profile), where we have been present in most traditional and modern trade channels in the main governorates of Egypt.

From implementing shelf share and planogram strategies, securing the availability of products on the shelf to taking store readings and generating timely reports, our employees throughout the years have gained wide experience in the Egyptian market and managed to create healthy relationships with different stores’ management and staff.

Auxialiary Sales

Auxiliary sales are a very important tool used to create new channels and boost distribution in a given area where the normal distribution cannot reach, filling all the gaps to ensure availability in even the smallest points of sale.

Main benefits are:

  • Supporting the launch of new products and opening new markets.
  • Increasing availability in areas where competition is stronger.
  • Supporting various activations (e.g. roadshows) to ensure product availability in all targeted areas.

Since we’ve implemented various projects all across Egypt, in both urban and rural areas. Accordingly, our team has gained a wide experience which enables us to plan effective and beneficial auxiliary sales programs.

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