Consumer Activities

Product Sampling Programs

  • In store sampling
  • Malls, beach, streets sampling
  • Schools, universities, hospital programs

Product sampling has become an integral marketing strategy for promoting new products, increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty, in addition to opening new markets. It is an essential process for achieving direct interaction with end customers as well as receiving immediate feedback regarding the product. Touchpoints may vary according to the brand type and our clients’ needs. Product sampling can take place at multiple locations in stores, malls, busy streets, beaches. In addition to, other selective and customer driven touchpoints like schools, hospitals, universities, rural markets, etc.

At Intertrade we provide our clients with detailed planning and logistics to create an efficient sampling program and accordingly reach the maximum benefits. Besides our history that dates back more than 20 years, we take pride in our expertise in massive sampling programs that are tied to national cause. In addition to the brand, these programs usually involve 3rd party entities such as non-profit organizations or governmental bodies as educational programs, programs dedicated for women empowerment and hygiene awareness-raising.


  • Promotional roadshow
  • Exhibition
  • Mobile Clinic

We provide a Branded Mobile Unit that visits target markets to achieve direct-contact with consumers at the most convenient location and timing. Moreover, our Roadshows can be tailored to meet the brand needs and objectives.

At Intertrade we provide our clients with detailed planning and logistics to create an efficient Roadshow program whether it is in urban or rural areas. Our Roadshows network covers more than 16 national governorates.

Since 1990, Intertrade has been leading the Roadshow activations market; resulting in more than 10,000 roadshows.

Activities may include:

  • Brand awareness and education
  • Product Promotions
  • Product Sampling
  • Product Selling
  • Raffles
  • Games
  • Videos and Info graphics
  • Medical services

Direct Sales

  • Door-To-Door
  • Sales roadshow

Direct sales channels are considered efficient as they allow direct-contact between companies and end consumers.

Main benefits are:

  • More customer interaction
  • Delivery of a direct call, message and a 1:1 brand education platform
  • Provides company with valuable information about their client base

Different channels can be:

  • Door to door where sales personnel knock on doors and offer promotional sales and say the call
  • Roadshows where customers get to buy from the mobile unit/vehicle
  • In-store
  • Various touch points: Clubs, universities, beaches, hospitals, etc..

For more than 20 years, Intertrade has been pioneering in this field and customizing various projects that most of them were implemented on a national scale.

Brand Activations

  • Booths, events and ushering

Implementing different types of activations can empower your brand and help creating a direct contact between the brand and the end consumer. Activations are the main tool to achieve brand awareness, brand equity and loyalty.

At Intertrade we provide different types of activations (booths or ushering activations) in various touchpoints across Egypt e.g. malls, clubs, beaches etc. Moreover, activities may include: free sampling, selling or entertainment. Furthermore, activations may include interactive displays to engage prospects such as touchscreens and interactive games.

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